Changes in Editors in WordPress 4.3

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In the upcoming WordPress 4.3 the content for both Visual and Text editors will be escaped the same. WordPress use to run the content through the PHP wpautop() function when the default editor was TinyMCE. Since the content is now run through the JavaScript wpautop() function (before initializing TinyMCE) this is no longer needed.

WordPress is also deprecating the following functions and filters to reflect the new changes:

Deprecated Functions

  • wp_richedit_pre()
  • wp_htmledit_pre()

They are being replaced by format_for_editor() function.

Deprecated Filters

  • richedit_pre
  • htmledit_pre

They are being replaced by format_for_editor filter.

Old Distraction Free Writing

The code for the old Distraction Free Writing mode has been unused since WordPress 4.1. Even though the code was disabled, it was left there so plugin developers would have plenty of time to update it. Finally WordPress is completely removing it from the core.

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