How to Add Email Subscriptions Option to Your WordPress Blog

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Jetpack comes with a subscriptions module which allows visitors to subscribe to your blog to receive notifications of posts and comments. You can add this Email Subscriptions button to a post, page or the sidebar of your website.

Install Jetpack

Jetpack plugin can be installed from your WordPress dashboard. All you need to do is navigate to the Plugins menu (Plugins->Add New) and install Jetpack from the “Featured” tab (This plugin is so popular you won’t have to search it by name).

screenshot showing the jetpack install menu in wordpress

Subscriptions module is turned on by default. So when you activate Jetpack two new options should appear under the comment section of your posts/pages.

subscriptions checkboxes in the comments

Add Email Subscriptions to the Sidebar

The easiest way to add email subscriptions option to your site is to drag and drop the Blog Subscriptions widget to your sidebar. You can find it under “Appearance->Widgets”.

screenshot showing the email subscriptions widget in wordpress

Your visitor will be able to subscribe to your blog by entering their email address.

screenshot showing the email subscriptions button in the sidebar

Add Email Subscriptions to Posts/Pages

You can add email subscriptions button to a post/page using the Jetpack subscription shortcode.

Shortcode Attributes

Emails subscriptions shortcode customized using the following attributes,

  • title: The default title is “Subscribe to Blog via Email”.  But you can customize it using the title parameter.  For Example: [jetpack_subscription_form title="Follow blog via email"]
  • subscribe_text: This default text for the sign up form is  “Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email”. You can change it using the subscribe_text parameter. For Example: [jetpack_subscription_form subscribe_text="Enter your email address to follow this blog"]
  • subscribe_button: The default text for the subscriptions button is “Subscribe”. You can change it using the subscribe_button parameter. For Example: [jetpack_subscription_form subscribe_button="Follow"]
  • show_subscribers_total: You can use the show_subscribers_total parameter to show total number of subscribers  (0 to hide them or 1 to show them). For Example: [jetpack_subscription_form show_subscribers_total="1"]

When a visitor signs up to follow your blog’s posts they will receive a confirmation email in a few minutes. Once they confirm they will receive each new post via email in future.

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  1. Thank you very much! I was having difficulty showing the check boxes for comment and blog subscriptions using JetPack. Your post helped.

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