How to Create a WordPress PayPal Subscription

Creating a WordPress PayPal Subscription is easy. You just need a reliable and easy to use WordPress shop plugin that allows visitors to subscribe to your premium content on a recurring basis. There are two ways to set up a PayPal subscription. One, you create a simple button to accept payment for the subscription. Two, you hook that button with a membership level so everytime someone makes a payment they become a new member and can have access to the premium content. This is a typical WordPress membership or WordPress Subscription process. In this post I am going to show you how you can create and manage a simple PayPal subscription using WordPress eStore plugin.

WordPress PayPal Subscription Setup

First, install the WP eStore shopping cart plugin which will allow you to sell product from your WordPress site.

Once you install the plugin you will see the following menu on your dashboard.

screenshot showing the wp estore add product menu

Click on the Add/Edit Products option which will take you to the Product creation wizard.

screenshot showing how to create a wordpress paypal subscription

Enter the name you wish to use for your subscription. There are various sections in the product creation page. You can get familiar with all of them in my WP eStore review.

We are not going to specify any price since it’s a normal product. We will do it in the Subscription section instead.

screenshot showing how to configure price for wordpress paypal subscription

PayPal subscription allows you to use various options. For example:

  • Trial price: The initial amount that will be charged for the subscription.
  • Trial period: Length of the trial period
  • Recurring price: The regular subscription amount
  • Recurring cycle: Duration of the subscription
  • Recurring Count: The number of times this subscription will recur (or if it will recur indefinitely)

Click on the Save Product button at the bottom of the page to finish creating the subscription. You will see a confirmation message saying that your product has been successfully created.

Manage Your WordPress PayPal Subscription

You can always edit an existing subscription from the WP eStore->Manage Products menu.

screenshot showing how to edit your current wordpress paypal subscription

Display Subscription Button

Now that you have the subscription product ready you can easily embed it on a post/page using the eStore subscription shortcode.

screenshot showing how to embed paypal subscription button on a wordpress page

Shortcodes can be inserted using the eStore TinyMCE button (the shopping cart icon on the visual editor).

screenshot showing the paypal subscription button on the page

This is just the simple method of showing a PayPal subscription button. If you want to show a custom button image or make the product display more stylish you can do so by using the appropriate eStore shortcodes. You can check out all the stunning product display options of eStore in my WP eStore shopping cart plugin review.

And you are done! Your site is now ready to accept PayPal subscription.

If you wish to install the plugin feel free to visit the eStore plugin page.

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  1. Hi, i created five subcription product and i made test subscription,,all working properly, But I want to create one more subscription product But the Page Only Have The Orders Details, There Is no botton allow to add new subbcription

    • Hi, what do you mean by “There is no botton allowed to add new subbcription”? Can I take a look at the page in question?


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