How to Enable SuperCacher Caching

SuperCacher is an advanced caching service developed by SiteGround to increase the number of hits a website can handle and boosts its loading speed.

SuperCacher works above the Apache web server providing excellent caching solution for all types of websites. In order to enable SuperCacher click on it from the “Site Improvement Tools” menu.

screenshot showing the SuperCacher option on the SiteGround hosting account

There are four different caching options to help you get the best result for your particular site:

Static Caching

This is a caching solution for your static resources and is suitable for all kinds of web sites including WordPress sites. When a page is rendered, it makes a copy of your static content – images, CSS files, JavaScript files, HTML files etc. and stored them into the server’s RAM. Next time your visitors load your website, the content is loaded from the cache (server’s RAM) which is significantly faster than the server’s hard drive. Static Cache can greatly optimise content delivery and speed up slow websites.

Dynamic Caching

This is an extremely effective caching solution for dynamic websites powered by CMS like Joomla, WordPress and Magento. Dynamic Cache is NGINX-powered and its purpose is to cache resources even if they are dynamically generated.

If you are running a WordPress site, your images will be static and the content of a post/page will be stored in the database. That means when a user loads your website, WordPress will need to query the database to get the content. Dynamic Cache can solve this issue by storing the entire page when it is loaded for the first time. Next time a user loads the same page, the output will be served directly from the server’s memory which is much faster.

In order to enable this cache option, you will need to upload a plugin developed by SiteGround on your website.

Memcached Option

This is a popular caching system that is used by many database-powered sites like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and many others. It speeds up database and API calls by caching the results from the queries into the RAM.

HHVM Option

HHVM is a PHP execution engine developed by Facebook. Tests have shown that the backend of a WordPress site runs 10 times faster when using HHVM.

Google PageSpeed Option

A caching technology developed by Google – the “mod_pagespeed” Apache module. This module works by using multiple site speed optimizations – combining and minifying JavaScript and CSS files, inlining small resources, dynamically optimization of images by removing unused metadata from each file, resizing the images to specified dimensions, and re-encoding images to be served in the most efficient format available to the user. When “mod_pagespeed” is enabled it comes with a pre-defined set of core optimization filters. In addition, you can add more advanced filters for higher performance improvements.

In order to learn more about these advanced caching feel free to check out the SiteGround hosting page.

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