How to Sell Photos in WordPress with Complete Security

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WP Photo Seller is an e-commerce plugin specifically for selling photos in WordPress. Its security and advanced gallery features made it one of the best photo selling plugin for users looking to sell digital photos or photo prints from their websites.

What Makes Photo Seller the #1 Plugin to Sell Photos in WordPress

Quick Installation

One of the main goals of Photo Seller plugin is to make configurations as flexible as possible. Keeping that in mind the plugin has been developed so users won’t need to configure any product/photo before they can start selling it. You simply upload tons of photos and the plugin takes care of the rest.

Photo Price List

Since you are expected to upload a lot of images Photo Seller plugin allows you to configure price lists with a different price range. This allows you to apply a different price to different photo galleries. In order to keep things simple you can just configure one price list and apply it to all the photo galleries.

Photo Gallery Templates

You can create multiple photo galleries with different templates. Currently there are 9 stylish templates that you can use to create stunning galleries and showcase your photos.

screenshot showing a demo of gallery template 1 using photo seller plugin

Photo Variations

You can add multiple variations to your photos. This allows users to choose a size or resolution before purchasing from your photo store.

screenshot showing variations of photos using photo seller plugin

Photo Watermark

Photo seller allows you to add watermark to your photos. This gives security to your photos as well as prevent users from stealing it.

Password Protection

In addition to watermarking your photos, It also allows you to password protect specific galleries.

Checkout From Your Photo Store

screenshot showing photo seller shopping cart checkout

Photo seller makes it possible for you to host your own photos. You don’t need to manage a thirty party service or sell photos from a marketplace.  Users simply shop on your website and you get the payments directly.

Shipping, Tax & Discount for Photos

Photo seller allows your store to apply shipping or tax based on your configurations. Your can also offer discount/coupons to your users.

Social Sharing

You can add Facebook like or share options to your photos. This allows users to share with their friends.

Newsletter Integration

You can automatically sign up customers to your email lists by integrating Photo Seller with your newsletter service. Currently the plugin has integration options with GetResponse and MailChimp.

In order to get a better idea of this plugin feel free to check the Photo Seller page.

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