How to Set up an Email Account on Bluehost

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to set up an email account within your Bluehost control panel.

In order to create an email account first, you need to login to your Bluehost control panel.

1. Now click on the “hosting” tab and go to the “email” submenu.

screenshot showing how to set up an email account on bluehost

This takes you to the screen where you can create your email accounts. You can create as many email accounts as you need (as long as the number of email accounts doesn’t exceed the limit for your particular account type). Some account types can create an unlimited number of email addresses.

2.  Choose the domain that you want to use from the drop-down menu (e.g. You can do this for any addon or parked domain that is on your account.

3. Enter the name that you would like to use for the email address (e.g. james)

4. Choose a strong and secure password. Your password needs to have upper and lower case letters, one number and a special character. Even though you can type in your own password, I would strongly recommend you to generate it using the “generate password” button (you can write it down somewhere safe for later use).

5. Set the storage limit to “unlimited”. This prevents any problems with receiving emails and exceeding your quota.

If you do this it would be a smart plan to go ahead and just clean out old emails every once in a while.

6. Click “create & finish”. Your email address should be ready to be used immediately so long as your domain is pointed to Bluehost.

7. When you want to access this email account go to “your” and log in using the email address and password.

screenshot showing how to access an email account on bluehost

8. There are three different applications that you can use to view your email.

screenshot showing how to configure email client on bluehost

Each of them has a different layout and controls. However, they all have the same basic capabilities with regards to viewing your email.

If you want to use an email program on your computer or your mobile device such as Mac mail, Outlook or Gmail, go ahead and click “Configure Mail Client”.

You have now successfully set up an email account on Bluehost where you can receive emails sent to your domain.

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