How to Set up Google Adsense in WordPress

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Google Adsense allows you to earn revenue by showing relevant ads on your website for your content. If your website is running on WordPress like mine, you can easily enable Google Adsense on it with a few simple steps.

Why Using Google Adsense?

  • Free and one of the biggest advertising networks online.
  • No need to maintain individual relationships with advertisers. Google Adsense gives you access to it’s massive advertiser pool.
  • Variety of ads available to go with your niche.
  • Advertisers can precisely target their audiences, which means more revenue for you as a publisher.
  • Control what type of ads can be shown on your site – meaning a better experience for your users.
  • Ads are automatically resized on mobile devices.
  • Adsense reporting tools provide performance data so you can analyse how ads are performing on your site.

Google Adsense Ad Unit Configuration

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In order to display ads on your site you will need to first create ad units in your Adsense account. When you create an ad unit you can customize various things such as size, color, type. Upon saving the ad unit you will be provided with a piece of code that you can simply copy and paste into your website (where you wish to show this ad unit).

Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Currently there are many Adsense plugins for WordPress but I prefer the one developed by Google. The best thing about this plugin is that everything is automated. You don’t have to manually create any ad unit or paste the code into your site. In fact, placing ads may not be so simple sometime when you need to insert the code into the header or footer of your theme.

Installing Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress

You can install it directly from your admin dashboard (Plugins->Add New) by searching with keyword “Google Adsense”. Alternatively you can manually download it on your computer and install using the Plugins uploader (Plugins->Add New->Upload Plugin).

screenshot showing how to install google adsense plugin in wordpress

Google Adsense Plugin Settings

After installing the plugin go to the settings menu to manage your ads. First you will need to sign into your Adsense account and verify your site.

screenshot showing the settings menu of google adsense plugin

Once your site is verified you will be able to select where you want to places ads (example: front page, post, page). The plugin is pretty smart. It scans your site and detect places where ads will perform better. Please note that you can place upto a maximum of three ad units on a page (you can place less but it cannot exceed three ad units). Otherwise you will violate Google’s terms and conditions. The plugin will also show a warning message if you try to do so.

It might take awhile for the ads to appear on your site but the setup is complete. Don’t forget to regularly check your Adsense account to see how ads are performing.

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