SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround is currently one of the fastest web hosts out there. It’s speed technology and performance make user experience as smooth as possible on both static and dynamic sites. In this SiteGround review, I will review their core features and server technology so we can assess what makes them the best web host in the hosting industry.

Benefits of Hosting on SiteGround

If you are looking for scalability, speed and tons of features SiteGround will be a good choice for you. SiteGround uses cutting edge web technology to offer the best performance.

  • SiteGround allows you to set up a site with just 3 clicks. You can even call them and they will guide you through it.
  • SiteGround offers four data centers on three continents – North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. This ensures your website visitors will get the best speed due to geographical proximity.
  • All SiteGround facilities have good network connectivity so it reduces the minimum number of hops to reach the server. It also has its own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology. Some of the security measures include – 24×7 human security, biometrics, access control man traps, bullet proof lobbies and video surveillance.
  • You can get a free domain when you sign up with SiteGround. SiteGround also offers a free setup and transfer service.
  • While using the latest technology and hardware sounds good, it doesn’t always bring out the maximum performance. That’s why SiteGround has a dedicated team who are always testing and tweaking to improve the server performance.
  • SiteGround doesn’t just use the best stuff on their site. When a new performance configuration is discovered they also install on the client site.
  • SiteGround regularly upgrades their hardware to the latest configuration. Replacement parts are always ready in the event of a hardware issue.
  • SiteGround uses advanced Isolation Technology to separate a server from the account it’s connected with. If there is a security vulnerability in one account, It prevents that account account from affecting the whole server.
  • If there are vulnerabilities in Apache, PHP or Exim, SiteGround fixes it themselves even before the official fixes are out. Security exploits are pro-actively monitored and when detected, SiteGround developers will automatically patch it (Even if a official patch is not out) instead of putting their clients at risk.
  • SiteGround has an overall uptime of 99.996% so far this year, while their monthly uptime is 99.999%.
  • SiteGround offers 24×7 Live Chat & Phone Support. The latter isn’t offered by most web hosts out there.
  • SiteGround uses its own SuperCacher caching solution for sites running on WordPress & Joomla. They also offer Memcached, an advanced caching solution, which is not available on most shared web hosts out there.

SiteGround Server Uptime

screenshot of SiteGround hosting uptime

SiteGround has an amazing 99.996% uptime this year and a monthly uptime of 99.999%. They also provide a real-time status checker where you can enter a domain name to find its uptime status.

How does SiteGround Minimise Downtime?

Siteground uses a unique downtime prevention software that continually monitor server’s status to identify issues in real-time and resolves more than 90% of server performance issues without any human interaction.

SiteGround Performance & Speed

Many hosts don’t bother to test and implement new hardware and stick with their old on, even though it is out of date. The hosts that do upgrade, only change the hardware for their new clients, leaving long-time clients on the old machines. SiteGround upgrades hardware regularly and entirely so both their old and new customers can enjoy the latest gear.

Why Hardware Upgrade is so Important?

Hardware gets old by the day. Even though your hardware is top-notch, it will still be slower and more unreliable than the next generation. Since websites demand more and more resources, even a simple blog application nowadays requires 2 times more resources than a few years ago.

screenshot of SiteGround hardware speed test

A benchmark speed test was performed with the latest hardware upgrade on all SiteGround servers. With both previous and new hardware, SiteGround hosting servers achieved several times better performance than the industry average.

SiteGround also offers some advanced caching features like Memcached and SuperCacher that are usually unavailable in shared hosting. It also allow users to enable Google’s PageSpeed module, so you can get the best guidelines from Google in terms of site optimization.

SiteGround Hosting Price Comparison

SiteGround StartUp plan is the most affordable one. It starts at $3.95/month. It allows you to host only one domain, but you get some pretty expensive features like Free SSL and CloudFlare CDN. This plan is suitable for startups.

The second plan, GrowBig costs $7.95/month and has good fire-power for most static and dynamic sites. If you are not looking for an advanced e-commerce setup, GrowBig should just be enough.

The third plan, GoGeek costs $14.95/month. GoGeek is suitable for users who are looking for advanced e-commerce features like PCI compliance and staging environment.

StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Price $3.95/month $7.95/month $14.95/month
Number of Websites 1 Multiple Multiple
Web Space 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Monthly Visits ~10,000 ~25,000 ~100,000
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
Free Website builder Yes Yes Yes
Free App Installs Yes Yes Yes
Free Email Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Traffic Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited MySQL DB Yes Yes Yes
Free Site Transfer Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes
30 Days Money Back Yes Yes Yes
Free Daily Backup Yes Yes Yes
Free CloudFlare CDN Yes Yes Yes
cPanel & SSH Yes Yes Yes
Priority Technical Support No Yes Yes
SuperCacher No Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificate (1 Year) No Yes Yes
30 Backup Copies Available No Yes Yes
Less Accounts on Server No No Yes
Free PCI Compliance No No Yes
WordPress & Joomla Staging Environment No No Yes
One-click Git Repository Creation No No Yes

SiteGround Support

SiteGround truly excels in the support department. Their support staff can be reached 24/7 via tickets, live chat or phone. Tickets are usually replied within 10 minutes so you don’t have to keep waiting. What really impressed me is the phone support since most web hosts don’t offer it.

You don’t have to just take my word for it. SiteGround has an overall customer satisfaction rate of 4.98/5.00 and It keeps increasing.

Like SiteGround So Far?

Feel free check all the latest and exciting features on SiteGround.

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4 thoughts on “SiteGround Web Hosting Review”

  1. An interesting review. Yes, SiteGround has a highly developed help center: telephone calls, chatting, tickets. Practically no downtime, fast service loading. It’s nice that there are solid state drives, but there’s very little space available. The second thing is the panel. I’m not a fan of it because as a beginner I was able to find myself because there were too many options. I personally use Bluehost. Very simple client panel, cheap hosting packages (only $2.95/month). And they are officially recommended by just like SiteGround.

    • @John, Thank you for the feedback. I think solid state drives with 10 GB space is more than enough for a beginner. This site contains around 100 articles and it still hasn’t used up 1/3 of the available storage space.

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    Give me a sign, please! 🙂

  3. Never on hold. Have talked to multiple customer representatives with questions about their services, hosting, WordPress and more. Every time, they are happy to answer questions. Every time, no hold waits, one ring and answer. Every question answered, even when it’s a bit out of their service range.


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