How to Sell Music Online

One question I get asked a lot – “How can I protect a music file and sell from my website?”. Well, it’s not really hard to sell music from your website. And if you have the right tool in place you should be able to do it very easily. Currently, I’m using the WP eStore plugin for selling digital goods (It’s a popular e-commerce software for selling online and I’m a big fan of it).

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Video/Audio Embedding in WordPress 3.6

embedding video/audio in wordpress post thumbnail

In WordPress 3.6 there are some major changes in the post editor. One of them is Video/Audio support. Users can now embed their favourite videos or audio files into posts directly. There is no need to install a WordPress plugin for video/audio playback anymore.

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How to Add MP3 Audio Files to Your WordPress Site

It’s really easy to upload mp3 audio files to your WordPress site. The media uploader usually recognizes the file unless it’s in the .zip format. In this post I’m also going to show you the quickest way to embed hundreds of mp3 audio files.

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