Why Inmotion is a Better Choice for WordPress Hosting

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Inmotion is currently providing all the essentials of WordPress hosting at a really good price. If you are thinking of launching a new WordPress site or moving your existing site to an Inmotion server, they can help you with it in no time with their “No-Downtime” website transfer service.

Inmotion WordPress Hosting Features

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Here is a list of some of the core features of Inmotion WordPress hosting.

Free Domain

When you purchase a new hosting plan a free domain name will be credited to your account. A domain name costs around $14.99, which is a massive saving that you can have for later use.

Free SSDs

Inmotion WordPress hosting plan comes with free SSDs (solid-state drives) that are known to transfer 95% more data than regular hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs are usually very expensive but It can greatly improve your website performance by delivering content faster (With Inmotion you don’t need to worry since you are getting it for free).

Free Data Backups

Inmotion will automatically backup your data to protect you from data loss and help you sleep better at night. Even though other hosting companies charge extra for this service, Inmotion offers it for free.

Money Back Guarantee

Inmotion offers a 90-Day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.

Free Website Transfer

Inmotion makes sure that you get the best experience with their service. If you need to transfer a site to their server they will happily do it for free with no downtime (which is awesome because the main obstacle to moving to a new host/server is transferring existing data without breaking anything).

Pre-installed WordPress

You can choose to pre-install WordPress during checkout, which means the site will be ready for you to use when you finish the signup process.

Green Data Centers

Inmotion is working towards reducing carboon footprint. They have opened their first green data center in Los Angeles.

Easy Management of WordPress Installations

Inmotion allows you to download, install and update plugins in bulk using WP-CLI command line. This helps you save time if you are managing multiple WordPress installations.

Google Apps Integration

Google Apps has been built into the Inmotion cPanel so you can easily integrate it with your domain. The 3-step GUI wizard will get your Google Apps working in minutes.

Easy SSH Access

Inmotion allows you to remotely access your site via SSH (secure shell). It helps you easily administer your website via command line.

Faster Network

Inmotion has multiple data centers (east and west coast) that you can choose from. Inmotion ensures that you websites load faster by utilizing their advanced routing technology and premium bandwidth providers.

For more information check the Inmotion WordPress hosting page.

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