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WP Engine just notified me that they are running a special promotional offer which will give you a minimum of $174 in total savings towards an SSL upgrade. This offer is suitable for users who want to switch to WP Engine performance hosting as well as add SSL to their hosting plan.

Why SSL Encryption

SSL (secure socket layer) loads your website in https by establishing a secure link between a web server and a client (typically a browser). It makes your site more credible to the users since it allows sensitive information (e.g. credit card data, login credentials) to be transmitted securely. Recently Google made some changes to its search algorithm, which values websites with SSL encryption more than sites without it.

Knowing how much SSL benefits SEO, most webmasters don’t install it on their sites due to its expensive price.

How Much Do You Save

According to WP Engine, this offer gives you a total discount of 50% off any personal, professional or business plan (40% off the yearly plans + 2 free bonus months). You can use this savings to add SSL to your website comfortably.

How to Get the Discount

Simply Follow this link and use code SSL40OFF. This offer expires in a month. So if you are looking for a performance hosting like WP Engine or thinking of switching to it you might want to do so as soon as possible.

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