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So I came across a plugin called WP eStore the other day. I would say I was quite surprised to see a WordPress shopping cart plugin at such an amazing price. It seemed like a great plugin with some really powerful features. I just wanted to see what other people are saying before I purchase the plugin. And there it was, a WP eStore Review from kidnapcustomers.com. Basically, the summary is:

He was selling e-books. And eStore plugin wasn’t sending emails to his customers. However, eventually it got fixed but his customers were having issues with download links. So he started using e-junkie and he recommends everyone to use it as well.

Once I read that review I was having doubts. So I contacted Tips&Tricks-HQ to clarify this. The explanation they gave me was fairly understandable, that some servers have restrictions as to how many emails can be sent out every day. So if WP eStore sends an email and the customer doesn’t receive it because of the server configuration nobody can actually blame the plugin. As for the download links, WP eStore serves each download as an encrypted link (this is to make sure that your product is secured) which some cheap servers may not handle well because of the various methods for opening files. They also confirmed that they have at least 8 options in the settings for downloading files. So if a server is having issues with that particular download method you can try a different one. And if you really can’t get any of those to work there is always the traditional download method, which is to serve the download as a simple link (There is even a checkbox in the plugin, which once checked, will allow users to download the file normally).

My WP eStore Review

I was pretty convinced. So I went ahead and bought the plugin. Now as I explore more of the plugin I realize what I could have missed if I hadn’t purchased it. Everything is fairly simple to use. You can control everything from within the Dashboard.  When you install the plugin a menu called WP eStore shows up on your Dashboard.

screenshot showing the wp estore plugin menu

There are 9 major options in the menu:

  • Manage your Existing Products
  • Create a new product (or edit it)
  • Create a category for a product
  • Product download stats
  • Configure settings for the plugin
  • Administrative functions
  • Create a coupon/discount offer and manage your existing ones
  • Manage your existing customer record
  • Add a new customer (if you want to manually add a customer) or edit an existing customer

Product Interface

screenshot showing how to create a product in wp estore plugin

This is the page that you see when you click on the Add/Edit Products option. Here you can fill up all the necessary details of a product that you are about to create. There are multiple sections of a product creation menu.

Additional Product Details: In this section, you can specify your product description, thumbnail image, custom image for the button etc.

Digital Content Details: In this section, you can upload your file (if digital) and set if you wish to serve the download as an encrypted link.

Variations: In this section, you can set various pricing or sizing options for your product (if any). Otherwise, your product will be offered at the regular price.

Shipping & Tax: In this section, you can control the shipping and tax pricing for your product.

Inventory Control: Limit how many copies of this product will be available to the users. You can also enable the “Sales Count” option to keep track of how many copies have been sold.

Serial Key: It allows you to generate a license key for each of your customer transactions.

Addon Settings: If this is an e-book you can choose to have the e-book stamped before it gets delivered to the customer (It requires WordPress PDF Stamper Plugin). If you choose to share the revenue of this product with another author you can specify the author ID here (It requires WordPress Affiliate Plugin).

Autoresponder Settings: Use this option to automatically add your customer to your email list. It’s a great feature for email marketing. Currently, WP eStore supports Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse.

Recurring Payment Settings: If you wish to accept recurring payments for this product you can specify the trial price, trial period, recurring amount, recurring period in this section.

Click on the Save Product button to finish creating the product.

Product Management

screenshot showing the manage products menu of wp estore plugin

This is the page that you see when you click on the Manage Products option. It allows you to edit your existing products.

Category Management

screenshot showing how to add a category in wp estore plugin

The category manager allows you to create new categories for your products. You can then choose to display products from a particular category.

Sales Stats

screenshot showing the stats of wp estore plugin

The stats menu allows you to check your products, coupons, sales, refund stats. It gives you an estimate of how well your site is performing.


The plugin settings option is divided into 5 tabs.

  • General Settings
  • Payment Gateway Settings
  • Autoresponder Settings
  • Addon Settings
  • 3rd Party Integration

General Settings

screenshot showing the general settings menu of wp estore plugin

The general setting section has various sub-sections.

General eStore Settings: You can customize your language, currency here. You can also choose to pop up your product thumbnail images with lightbox effect.

Image & Page Settings: You can specify your return page (The page where the customer will be redirected to after a successful transaction), cancel page (The page where the customer will be redirected to after a failed transaction), Add to Cart button text etc.

Shopping Cart Settings: Customize the shopping cart text and image. You can also choose how a customer will proceed to a checkout once the Add to Cart button is clicked.

Shipping & Tax Settings: Select your shipping & tax pricing which will be applied to all of your products.

Email Customization: Customize the email that your customer will receive after the transaction.

Payment Gateway Settings

screenshot showing the payment gateway settings of wp estore plugin

You can configure your payment gateway related settings here. Core supported gateways are PayPal, Authorize.net, 2checkout (if you need other gateways you can install it as eStore addons). There is also a manual checkout option if you wish to manually approve your customer orders.

Autoresponder Settings

screenshot showing the autoresponder settings of wp estore plugin

In the Autoresponder settings, you can configure your autoresponder related options. Supported autoresponder services: Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse.

Addon Settings

screenshot showing the addon settings of wp estore plugin

You can configure your addon related settings here.

WP Affiliate: If you have the WP Affiliate plugin installed you can easily capture leads using squeeze pages.

WP eMember: If you have the WP eMember plugin installed you can limit checkout options to only logged-in users.

Amazon S3: If you have products hosted on Amazon S3 you can sell them via eStore.

reCAPTCHA: You can enable reCAPTCHA to prevent spams from

3rd Party Integration

screenshot showing the 3rd party settings of wp estore plugin

If you wish to integrate eStore with a 3rd party plugin you can use this section.

WishList Integration: Integrate WP eStore with WishList membership plugin.

NextGen gallery Integration: Integrate eStore with NextGen gallery plugin and start selling photos from your WordPress site.

Google Analytics Tracking: Use the Google Analytics E-commerce tracking option with eStore to track your sales.

Memberwing Integration: Integrate eStore with memberwing membership plugin.

WP eStore API Access: Use the eStore API access key to integrate your own WordPress plugin.

Administrative Functions

screenshot showing the admin functions interface in the wp estore plugin

Admin functions menu is very handy. Here you can manually generate a download link for a product or send email to your customer at any time.


screenshot showing the coupons menu of wp estore plugin

Here you can add new coupons or manage your existing coupons. Coupons are great incentives for your customers and it can significantly increase your sales.

Customer Management

screenshot showing the manage customer menu of wp estore plugin

You can Check the details of a customer from the Manage Customers menu. It helps you efficiently find a customer record.

Create New Customers

screenshot showing the add customer menu of wp estore

You can manually add a new customer from this menu.

Product Display

WP eStore has various stylish product display options (e.g. Fancy1, Fancy2, Fancy3 etc). You can easily embed a product using a shortcode.

Style 1

screenshot showing the fancy1 product display of wp estore plugin

Display Style 2

screenshot showing the fancy2 product display of wp estore plugin

Style 3

screenshot showing the fancy3 product display of wp estore

Display Style 4

screenshow showing the fancy4 product display of wp estore plugin

Style 5

screenshot showing the fancy5 product display of wp estore

Display Style 6

screenshot showing the fancy6 product display of wp estore

Style 7 (Designed for users who wish to sell music)

screenshot showing the fancy7 product display of wp estore

Display Style 8 (Designed for users who wish to sell music)

screenshot showing the fancy8 product display of wp estore

Style 9

screenshot showing the fancy9 product display of wp estore

Style 10

screenshot showing the fancy10 product display of wp estore

Quick Checkout

eStore allows your users to quickly add items to the shopping and checkout. There are various stylish display options for the shopping cart.

Shopping Cart Display 1

screenshot showing the normal checkout option of wp estore

eStore Shopping Cart Display 2

screenshot showing the fancy checkout option of wp estore

Shopping Cart Display 3

screenshot showing the thumbnail shopping cart display of wp estore

Free Addons

You can install the following free addons to extend the functionality of eStore plugin:

  • Extra Shortcodes – It enables more shortcodes that you can use with eStore.
  • Order Management – Manage and track your customer orders.
  • Google Base Feed – Submit an XML formatted list of your eStore products to Google so it shows up in the Google Product Search.
  • Bulk Item Purchase – It allows your users to add multiple items to the shopping cart with one click.
  • Members Only Download – Create a Buy Now button for your digital download. If the user is logged-in and a valid member they will see a download button instead. This feature also requires the WP eMember membership plugin.
  • Receipt Creator – Automatically create printable PDF receipts when a product is purchased.
  • NextGen Gallery – Sell your NextGen gallery images by integrating with eStore plugin.
  • Post Payment Actions – Automatically send a notification email to a 3rd party after the transaction.
  • Tweet For Download – Offer free download to a user once they agree to tweet and follow your twitter account.
  • Browse Products by Category – Your user will be able to browse your products by category. This feature is very useful if you have a lot of products.
  • Advanced Variation UI – This addon makes the variation configuration in the eStore plugin much easier. It also helps manage the inventory of your variations.
  • Dynamic Coupon – Your user will receive a one-time usage coupon if they purchase your product.
  • Subscription Discount – Your user will be able to get a discount when they choose to subscribe to a PayPal subscription.
  • Stylish Squeeze Form – Create a stunning squeeze form to collect email address from your users.
  • MailPoet (Formerly Wysija) Newsletters – Add your eStore customers to your MailPoet list.
  • File Download Stats – Monitor how files are being downloaded by your users.
  • Bulk Discount – It allows your users to automatically receive a bulk discount in the shopping cart (based on the conditions).
  • Mad Mimi Integration – It allows you to add customers to your Mad Mimi email list.
  • Bulk Quantity Shipping – It automatically applies a shipping amount based on the number of items in the shopping cart.
  • Self Re-Download Digital Products – It allows your customers to download products they purchased from your website.
  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking – It allows you to monitor users who clicked on your ads.
  • Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking – It adds e-commerce tracking to your products.
  • Shortcode Inserter – It allows you to insert eStore shortcodes into a post/page easily.
  • Table Rate Tax – Apply tax to the shopping cart based on a user’s country.
  • Card Default PayPal Option – Show “Pay with a credit or debit card” option by default on the PayPal payment page instead of “Pay with my PayPal account”.
  • Table Rate Tax by Item Types – Apply tax based on a user’s country and the type of item in the shopping cart.
  • Amount Based Shipping – Automatically apply shipping to the shopping cart based on a pre-configured price range.
  • Download Now via Link – This addon allows download functionality via text link.
  • Amazon S3 Integration – This addon allows you to securely store and deliver digital downloads using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Premium Addons

  • Gift Voucher – Automatically generate PDF Voucher when a user purchases certain products. The user will be able to redeem this gift voucher in your store.
  • Multi Currency – This addon allows users to change your shop currency to pay for items.
  • Blacklist Manager – Block emails or IP addresses to prevent certain users from purchasing your products.
  • Dime Sale & Time Sale – Automatically increase your product price when it meets a certain condition .e.g  a specific number of sales, time period etc.
  • Kunaki Integration – Automatically send a notification to kunaki after a product purchase.
  • Vervante Integration – Automatically send a notification to Vervante after a product purchase.
  • Sell Birthday Greetings – It allows your customer to leave a note and email address when they purchase a gift item.
  • Manual Checkout Form Builder – This addon allows you to customize the form rendered in the eStore manual/offline checkout.
  • Sell Video – Configure a video template to sell video as a product from your store.
  • Download with Discount or Coupon code – This addon allows users to download a product for free by applying a 100% coupon or discount code.
  • Infusionsoft Integration – Automatically sign up customers to your Infusionsoft list.
  • PayPal Installment Payment – This addon allows your customer to pay for an item in installments.
  • Jrox Jam Affiliate Integration – Integrate with Jrox Jam affiliate software and award commission to affiliates for referring users to your store.
  • Sendy Integration – Automatically sign up customers to your Sendy list.
  • Constant Contact Integration – Automatically sign up customers to your Constant Contact list.
  • Taxcloud Integration – Automatically calculate tax for your customers in the United States by integrating with Taxcloud sales tax management service.
  • Store Opening Hours – Configure opening/closing hours for your store and restrict purchases to those times.
  • Collect Customer Input – Collect customer input in the shopping cart during checkout.
  • ConvertKit Integration – Automatically sign up customers to your ConvertKit sequence.

My Experience of WP eStore Plugin

I think I’m really enjoying this plugin. It’s user-friendly and light-weight. I had some questions that I posted on their forum and they replied me back really fast. I took a look at their support site and I found that they offer Lifetime Free Upgrade and Support for this plugin. So I don’t know why anyone shouldn’t try this plugin.

If you are currently using this plugin feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. You can always check the detailed plugin features here.

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. If you follow one of those affiliate links and purchase something it will provide me with a little bit of a commission. This costs you nothing extra but helps maintain my site, free plugins, and themes. So I thank you for your support.

20 thoughts on “WP eStore Review”

  1. Hi, very nice WordPress eStore plugin. Thanks for the review.

  2. I’m using NextGen gallery on my site. Is it possible to set up e-commerce photo gallery with WP eStore plugin?

  3. WP eStore plugin has integration option with NextGen Gallery. So if you have an existing photo gallery eStore will allow you to add a Buy Now or Add to Cart button for each of the gallery images.

  4. Hi, is there a way to sell subscriptions using this plugin?

  5. Hi, I have an author who wants sell his e-book from my WordPress blog. However, I would like the payments to be divided into us. Is there way to automate this process using WP eStore?

    • @Adam, you should be able to this using the revenue sharing option of eStore.

  6. I’m using WP eStore on sites for clients, great plugin, easy to set up, great support.

  7. Hi there, thanks for posting this. I just bought and installed this plugin but one of my customers in Europe when buying my ebook didn’t receive the download link. She did receive payment advice from paypal but that was it. Any ideas on how to fix it? Another customer the first day received it ok in London, so I’m not sure what’s happening. Thanks, Eva

    • Hi, I am personally using this plugin but I haven’t had this type of issue. Please post it on their support forum and they will be able to help you. They usually reply very quick.

  8. Can this be used to add a Paypal Subscribe Button instead of a Buy Now or Add to Cart button automatically to each image in a gallery?

    • @Doug, Which image gallery will you be using? Is it from a plugin?

  9. Could I use “eStore dynamic discounts/coupons addon” with woocomerce?
    or, do I have to use WP estore?

    I’m new in this, maybe my question is too naive.


    • @Roberto, It’s an addon for eStore plugin. So I believe it only works with eStore checkout. You can contact their support for clarification.

  10. Hi

    Great review. We have a marketplace website (Services, not products). The client uploads a job, suppliers bid on it. The winner gets the job.

    The problem is therefore that we cannot price products.

    Hoping you can tell me if wp-estore can do the following:

    We want to offer an option for the customer to pay in installments as: 40% upon checkout, 20% week 2, 20% week 4, 20% week 6.

    We need the checkout to automatically/dynamically calculate the following equation upon checkout: (40% upon checkout, 20% week 2, 20% week 4, 20% week 6)

    Example 1 :

    Checkout Price is $500.

    Customer has option to pay in full but decides to pay in installment.

    40% of total (payable immediately) – so $200

    20% to be paid week 2 (automatically swiped by Paypal) – so $100

    20% to be paid week 4 (automatically swiped by Paypal) – so $100

    20% to be paid week 2 (automatically swiped by Paypal) – so $100

    Example 2:

    A different Service is quoted $280

    40% of total (payable immediately) – so $112

    20% to be paid week 2 (automatically swiped by Paypal) – so $56

    20% to be paid week 4 (automatically swiped by Paypal) – so $56

    20% to be paid week 2 (automatically swiped by Paypal) – so $56

    Do you know if wp-estore can do/support this?

    Greatly appreciate any advice!

    • @Kev, I’m not sure if the core eStore plugin supports this type of scenario. But they have a PayPal installment addon that might be able to do something similar.

  11. I want to offer multiple mp3 files under one file name as a free download. Example: I want to offer full albums containing about 16-20 mp3 files in each download, can this be done with wp-estore?

    • @Pete, It should be possible if you put those 16-20 files in a folder and create a single zip file from it. The customer will download the zip file containing those mp3 files.

  12. Have this e-commerce solution on several of my client sites & LOVE it! Most do not have complex ordering needs nor huge inventories, yet this plugin has the ability to handle anything I throw its way. Recently used for a convention/event site & processed merchandise sales, reservations, downloads & entries to events without a glitch. The only gripe is sure to wish design changes could be made without hacking into the code, but that’s a minor gripe. It’s a cost-effective and highly functional winner!

  13. I’m using eStore and I like it. Just a correction should be apply to this sentence: “I took a look at their support site and I found that they offer Lifetime Free Upgrade and Support for this plugin.” The support is not “lifetime”, it is for one year. After you have to buy additional support by plugin.



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