Videojs HTML5 Player For WordPress

Videojs plugin allows you to add a video file anywhere within WordPress using the Videojs HTML5 player. You can embed a video into a post, page or text widget using a shortcode. The player is fully responsive and your videos will be playable on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Videojs is an advanced player framework that supports embedding a video with HTML5 video tags. Currently, the Videojs project is largely sponsored by Brightcove and this plugin makes this amazing player available for use in WordPress.


  1. A self-hosted WordPress site running on a WordPress Optimized Environment.


  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to Plugins->Add New
  • Enter Videojs HTML5 Player in the search box
  • Once you find the plugin hit the install button

Option 2

  • Download the zip version of the plugin
  • Go to Plugins->Add New and switch to the Upload tab
  • Select the zip file on your computer
  • Upload and install it

Option 3

  • Download the zip file and extract it
  • Connect to your website via FTP (you can use a software like Filezilla to transfer files to your server) and browse to the “/wp-content/plugins” folder
  • Select the folder containing the plugin files on your computer and upload it
  • Once all the files have been uploaded to your web server you can activate the plugin from the Plugins menu (WordPress admin dashboard)


In order to embed a video insert the following shortcode into a post/page.

[videojs_video url=""]

You need to specify the location of a MP4 video file in the url parameter (H.264 encoded). This parameter is mandatory in order to embed a video using this plugin.

Video Demo

screenshot showing a demo of videojs html5 player for wordpress

Video Shortcode Options

Videojs plugin accepts a wide range of shortcode parameters that you can use to customize the video playback and controls.


“webm” parameter allows you to specify the location of a webm video file. For example:

[videojs_video url="" webm=""]


“ogv” parameter allows you to specify the location of a ogv video file. For example:

[videojs_video url="" webm="" ogv=""]


“width” parameter allows you to set the width of the video. For example:

[videojs_video url="" width="480"]


“controls” parameter allows you to show/hide video controls. By default video controls will be displayed. If set to “false” controls will be disabled. For example:

[videojs_video url="" controls="false"]


“preload” parameter allows you to specify if and how a video should be loaded when the page loads.

  • “auto” – the video should be loaded entirely when the page loads (default)
  • “metadata” – only metadata should be loaded when the page loads
  • “none” – the video should not be loaded when the page loads

For example:

[videojs_video url="" preload="metadata"]


“autoplay” parameter allows you to automatically play the video when the page is rendered. For example:

[videojs_video url="" autoplay="true"]


“poster” parameter allows you to set a poster image for the video. For example:

[videojs_video url="" poster=""]


“loop” parameter allows for the looping of the video file (The video will start over again, every time it is finished). For example:

[videojs_video url="" loop="true"]


“muted” parameter allows you to mute the audio output of the video. For example:

[videojs_video url="" muted="true"]
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196 thoughts on “Videojs HTML5 Player For WordPress”

  1. is it possible to mark chapters on the timeline of the video somehow?
    I saw that this is available in the paid version of the brighcove player but is it also possible in videojs?

    • @StyledThemes, Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment.

  2. Would you consider upgrading the VideoJS code in your plugin? Ver. 5.5 is quite old, 7.8.4 would be good choice at the moment.

    • @Ranga, I do have a plan to update it soon.

  3. Hello, is it possible to put subtitles (caption) and change the resolution?

    • @bazza, Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment.

  4. autoplay not working i am frustrated i try many times kindly fix this issue

    • @Muhammad, Autoplay is no longer a guaranteed feature. It depends on whether or not your browser will allow it.

      • Autoplay policy in Chrome and Safari says that to allow autoplay videos they must be muted. So try to muted=”true” and it is gonna work.

  5. Is it possible to embed a different video depending if the browser is Chrome or Safari? F.Ex: If I open Chrome I want it open the most light video in format .wepm, but if I open it on Safari, as log as it doesn’t play .webm, I want it opens a .mp4 version, what do you think?

    • @Jorge, You can provide a webm file in addition to mp4. Please check the documentation for more information.


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