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Simple Maintenance Plugin For WordPress

Simple Maintenance is a lightweight WordPress plugin which allows you to show a sleek maintenance page to the visitors while your website is undergoing maintenance.

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How to Sell Music Online

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One question I get asked a lot – “How can I protect music files and sell from my website?”. Well, it’s not a very hard thing to do. And if you have the right tool you should be able to do it very easily. Currently I’m using WP eStore plugin for selling digital goods (It’s a popular e-commerce software for selling online and I’m a big fan of it).

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How to Sell Digital Download From Your WordPress Blog

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WP eStore is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress specifically for selling digital goods online. While most e-commerce plugins focus on selling physical products, WP eStore is just for selling digital goods making it the world’s easiest way to sell digital downloads through WordPress. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that looks and feels just like WordPress, making editing and adding your products as simple and natural as possible.

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Video/Audio Embedding in WordPress 3.6

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In WordPress 3.6 there are some major changes in the post editor. One of them is Video/Audio support. Users can now embed their favourite videos or audio files into posts directly. There is no need to install a WordPress plugin for video/audio playback anymore.

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Video Tutorial: How to Make Your WordPress Blog load faster

Having issues with slow site? Here is a great tutorial by Chris Coyier to speed up your WordPress site.

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WP Elegant Testimonial – Easy to Use WordPress Testimonial Plugin

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WP Elegant Testimonial is an easy to use WordPress Testimonial Plugin to insert testimonials to a post or page. There is no limit to the number of testimonials you can use on a specific page. You can insert as many testimonials as you want using shortcodes.

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How to Link a Google+ Profile to a WordPress Blog And Verify Authorship

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Google+ has a nice option where you can connect your existing WordPress sites to a specific Google+ profile. It allows you to verify your WordPress blog authorship with Google+. Let me show you an example so you know what I’m talking about.

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How to Add MP3 Audio Files to Your WordPress Site

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It’s really easy to upload mp3 audio files to your WordPress site. The media uploader usually recognizes the file unless it’s in the .zip format. In this post I’m also going to show you the quickest way to embed hundreds of mp3 audio files.

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How to Embed a YouTube Video in Lightbox

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Lightbox has become a popular effect for showing any type of media in overlay. It allows you to pop up your content in overlay from a trigger element without directly embedding it on a post/page. In this tutorial I am going to show you the easiest way to embed a YouTube video in lightbox.

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