How to Sell Music Online

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One question I get asked a lot – “How can I protect music files and sell from my website?”. Well, it’s not a very hard thing to do. And if you have the right tool you should be able to do it very easily. Currently I’m using WP eStore plugin for selling digital goods (It’s a popular e-commerce software for selling online and I’m a big fan of it).

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How to Sell Digital Download From Your WordPress Blog

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WP eStore is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress specifically for selling digital goods online. While most e-commerce plugins focus on selling physical products, WP eStore is just for selling digital goods making it the world’s easiest way to sell digital downloads through WordPress. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that looks and feels just like WordPress, making editing and adding your products as simple and natural as possible.

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How to Create a WordPress PayPal Subscription

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Creating a WordPress PayPal Subscription is easy. You just need a reliable and easy to use WordPress shop plugin that allows visitors to subscribe to your premium content on a recurring basis. There are two ways to set up a PayPal subscription. One, you create a simple button to accept payment for the subscription. Two, you hook that button with a membership level so everytime someone makes a payment they become a new member and can have access to the premium content. This is a typical WordPress membership or WordPress Subscription process. In this post I am going to show you how you can create and manage a simple PayPal subscription using WordPress eStore plugin.

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