Top WordPress WooCommerce Hosting

WordPress WooCommerce hosting (WordPress + WooCommerce) is the best way to get your WooCommerce store up and running in no time on a web server and run smoothly. It comes with pre-installed WordPress, WooCommerce plugin, SSL certificates (to increase PCI compliance) and a dedicated IP address.

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Why Inmotion is a Better Choice for WordPress Hosting

Inmotion is currently providing all the essentials of WordPress hosting at a really good price. If you are thinking of launching a new WordPress site or moving your existing site to an Inmotion server, they can help you with it in no time with their “No-Downtime” website transfer service.

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A Google Chrome Bug Breaks WordPress Admin Menu

If you use Google Chrome you may have noticed lately that your WordPress admin menu items fall out-of-place when you hover the mouse over it. This is actually a bug in Google Chrome introduced in version 45 when Slimming Paint was enabled by default.

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BuddyPress 2.3.3 Security Release

BuddyPress version 2.3.3 is now available for download. This has been released to fix a security issue associated with BuddyPress 2.3 series. It is strongly recommended that you update to the latest version since this vulnerability can allow for private message content to be rendered incorrectly to the browser.

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