How to Align a WordPress Video in the Middle of the Page

Are you using the WordPress video shortcode to embed self-hosted videos into your website? Are you trying to position a video in the middle instead of it being aligned to the left by default? Today I will show you a simple tweak to center your videos with some custom CSS.

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Resource Hints in WordPress 4.6

Resource Hints is a W3C specification that defines the dns-prefetch, preconnect, prefetch, and prerender relationships of the HTML Link Element (<link>). These can be used to assist the browser in the decision process of which origins it should connect to, and which resources it should fetch and preprocess to improve page performance.

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How to add nofollow to a link rel attribute in WordPress

“rel” is a HTML link attribute that defines the relationship between the current document (the page you are linking from) and the linked document (the page you are linking to). While rel has various usages in a link, one of the important values that it can define is “nofollow”. When rel=”nofollow” is present in a link, It tells search engines like Google to not follow that link (unendorsed document/resource). This works great when you have an article with various outgoing links and you don’t want these links to act like paid links. Continue reading “How to add nofollow to a link rel attribute in WordPress”

Soledad WordPress Theme Review

Soledad is a multi-purpose responsive theme specifically designed for a blog, magazine or video site. This theme was first released in November last year but it has already made over 3600+ sales in just eight months with an average rating of 4.91. Due to this high volume of downloads, Soledad is considered as the best selling blog & magazine theme of this year.

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Movers Packers WooCommerce Theme Review

SKT Movers and Packers is a responsive WooCommere theme specially designed for movers and packers type WordPress site. This multi-purpose theme can be used for a landing page, product launch, corporate, business, sales and various other WordPress sites like startup, small business, local business, personal, portfolio, consulting, construction, real estate, architect etc. Continue reading “Movers Packers WooCommerce Theme Review”

How to Enable Caching in WordPress

Caching can be a very powerful tool to make your WordPress site load faster and handle lots of traffic. However, most caching plugins come with tons of features that can easily confuse a user who is not actually a developer. In this article, I will show you the easiest way to enable caching in WordPress so you can run your site efficiently without configuring any complicated settings. Continue reading “How to Enable Caching in WordPress”

How to Restrict Authors to a Specific Category or Media in WordPress

If you have a multi-author site where each author works on a separate topic, you can limit their access to a particular category or media. This helps you run your site efficiently with a good editorial workflow. In this article, I will show you how to restrict authors to a specific post category or media in WordPress. Continue reading “How to Restrict Authors to a Specific Category or Media in WordPress”