How to Remove/Hide Image From WooCommerce Product Page

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If you need to remove/hide featured image from your WooCommerce product page you can apply this simple CSS tweak.

WooCommerce allows you to upload a product image when you create a new product. In WordPress it’s also called a featured image. If for some reason you no longer want to display these images you can follow one of these options.

Option 1

Featured/Product images can be removed where you configured it. If you only have a couple of products you can just remove it from the WooCommerce Edit Product menu.

Option 2

The other option is to hide it using CSS. This option works out great if you have a lot of products and you don’t want to selectively remove from each one. This option is also very flexible as you can revert everything just by removing the CSS.

  1. Install the Simple Custom CSS plugin. You can either download the zip file and upload manually or install it directly from the plugins menu of your admin dashboard.
  2. Go to “Appearance->Custom CSS”.
  3. Add this piece of CSS code in the Simple Custom CSS texarea:
.woocommerce-main-image {
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